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The Mission: Why These Stories Matter

Why focus on self-hatred prevention?

As many parents, teachers and child psychologists know, the amount of self-hatred and lack of self-esteem (which can manifest as “disruptive” or “anti-social” behavior) in kids is deeply troubling. Kids are growing up in increasingly toxic environments where they feel the intense burden of various forms of violence on a near-daily basis, including (cyber)bullying and the ever-present risk of school shootings. Interestingly, while the perception of violence is at its all time high, the actual amount of violent crime is at its all time low. 

Is there something about our modern media culture that is creating a fear-based reality and making us believe negative messages about ourselves? How are the environments in which children live, play and go to school contributing to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)?

The plague of self-hatred starts at a very young age, but the good news is that self-hatred is entirely preventable. There are countries on the planet, like Tibet, where self-hatred does not exist.

The Venus and Her Fly Trip books are trauma-informed kids' books that nurture the whole child  by promoting social/emotional/mental health, but also contributing to supportive family, school and community systems. And let us not forget that Venus and her best friends the Pistil Whipsies are also media literacy warriors who transform the toxic media environment!

Imagination is one of the most powerful tools we possess as humans, and it needs to be cultivated with care. This series helps kids explore the full spectrum of possibilities that life offers, exposing them to a variety of experiences that help them develop self-confidence, self-respect, and most importantly, self-love.

What skills will children and families learn?
Children will gain loving-kindness superpowers which enable them to become nonviolent superheroes and merginis (mermaid yoginis)!

​The Venus and Her Fly Trip books mirror psychological developments for each age, offering readers practical tools for navigating common challenges as bravely and with as much humor as the mermaids. By seeing positive qualities embodied in the books’ characters, kids will learn that kindness is cool, compassion helps you make friends, and that healing happens in community.

The superpower skills include wisdom drawn from both Western and Eastern Psychology.

Why does the series begin with a songbook?
Like all mermaids, Venus’ life begins with music - an expression of the joy of inviting a new being into Mermaidia. Volume 1 of Venus Underwater, “Wisdom Eye Songbook” will contain 4-5 original songs along with musical notation.

Like mermaids, Earth girls and boys (who are born 80% made of water!) also benefit deeply from early exposure to music: music accelerates brain development, helps the mind and body work together, and improves motor skills, language and overall literacy.