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Venus Underwater

Book One: Songs from Mermaidia

In Songs from Mermaidia,we are introduced to the magical underwater world of Mermaidia - where mermaids live! How are baby mermaids made? What do they wear to school? What type of songs do they sing? What do they do for fun? The first book explores mermaid life, introducing a magical cast of characters through poems and songs.

To view the full video of the entire book and soundscapes, click the merman below!

Book Two: Wisdom Eye Storybook
In the second book, Wisdom Eye Storybook, Venus and her mermates take a field trip to Six Tails Amusement part for a special mission. In order to graduate from mermelementary school to merdle school, Venus and her friends have to use the magic they learn in school to solve a problem on Earth's shore. The class travels to Mermantis, where Mermaids and Earthwalkers used to live in harmony, and they witness Creepy Crawler the Trawler, which steals allgood energy bubbles from the Mermaids. Venus and her classmates work together as a group using mindfulness, imagination and positive intention to create a remedy.