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Venus Underwater: Songs from Mermaidia is now available!

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Venus and Her Fly Trip is a new children's book series about a mermaid named Venus and her friends who study magic to become Sea Witches (not Sand Witches).

Each of the books will match different developmental stages and will introduce new challenges unique to each developmental stage, all cleverly disguised as fun, goofy mermaid action-adventures! Full of positive psychology, these books reflect the power of kids to be wise, funny, brave and kind, and will nurture the social and emotional intelligence inherent in each child.

This first book introduces the world of Mermaidia, an underwater sanctuary where mermaids live in interspecies harmony with their sea creature friends. Full of poems and songs (with actual music coming later this year), a whimsical cast of characters awaits. Dive in for a Deep See!

Diverse and inclusive, this series has something for everyone, no matter their shape, size, color, ability, identity or family style. Let worries flow away as you sing with mermaids and learn their loving ways. Bring your children to Mermaidia!

"This book is simply enchanting. The illustrations are delightful and appropriate for young children. Unlike the typically sexualized depictions of mermaids, these sea creatures are diverse and celebrate all kinds of shapes and colors. The language is playful, and the story is sweet, silly, and embraces positive values without moralizing. I recommend this book for boys and girls, and anyone who enjoys fantasy"
Kate Gillooly, Mother of twin boys, Marriage & Family Therapist 

"Heartfelt and brilliant, Venus Underwater - Songs From Mermaidia brings the message our children need to hear, one of interconnectedness, acceptance of differences, and belonging. A perfect bedtime story, Hengst lovingly weaves profound wit and rhyme into the colorful fabric of unity and peace, where her oceanic theme features characters that children and adults alike will relate with and learn important life lessons from. Her songs and poetry not only bring big smiles and laughter, they also help to nurture self-love and acceptance of the range of emotions we experience. Samuels-Davis’ whimsical art allows this poignant and memorable story to come to life. Let’s go on a Unihorn ride together and then practice dream yoga!"
Shannon E. Bode, mama, auntie, therapist (LMFT), and school counselor


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