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A whimsical children's book trilogy with depth that reflects the power of kids to be wise, loving and kind, all of which prevent self-hatred and promote inner peace.

Venus and Her Fly Trip  is an epic inner science fiction adventure through deep inner space about a young mermaid yogini (mergini!) named Venus for children ages 4-10. The children’s book trilogy sets the stage for when teenage Venus’ adventures continue in a young adult series (scroll to the very bottom for a sneak peek).

The children’s book trilogy begins underwater in Mermaidia (located 152 unfathomables under the sea), where all beings are equal, loving-kindness is the norm, and self-hatred does not exist. Over the course of the trilogy, readers will follow Venus and her best friends, the Pistil Whipsies as they shape-shift into earthwalkers, explore new lands full of magical animals, and learn to live under the Logic Spell (which has taken over the Earth, making earthwalkers forget they are rooted in intuition and loving-kindness.)

Venus and her friends encounter increasingly confounding challenges on their magical adventures that match their ever-increasing intelligence and personal growth. In each book, Venus overcomes a self-limiting concept of herself, promoting her self-esteem, and also learns how to work harmoniously with groups in complex situations.

Venus Underwater: Songs from Mermaidia

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