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Teen Series Sneak Peek


The kids books set the stage for Venus to enter into young adulthood, where she and the Pistil Whipsies bring the wisdom and compassion they developed as kids into their teen years.

​The teen series takes place on Venus’ home planet, Organica, which resides in Deep Inner Space. It turns out Venus came to Earth on a mission to gather intelligence in order to help Organica, which is slightly out of balance. Venus took birth in Mermaidia to get the final clues to help her home planet on what will be her final fact-finding mission. (Reincarnation is normal on Organica, so this book series covers only one of Venus’ many lives.)

The teen series, which will span 6 books, takes place at Higher School. At this Earth-based wilderness school, Venus and the Pistil Whipsies are doing a study abroad program, where they live, work and study for three years. Using magic, dreams and telepathy, Venus and her friends fluidly transition between life on Earth and life on Organica. Eventually they will be able to exist in both worlds at once.

Higher School students train to graduate with the Switchy Witch degree. Switchy Witches possess advanced skills in loving-kindness. As part of an AP program, Venus and the Pistil Whipsies are in the School for Troubled Girls: Advanced Empathy Training. The girls, troubled by the sufferings of the world, are part of a secret, elite training team of psychics, healers, animal whisperers, face readers and mystics. This group will go on seven epic adventures as they race to help both Earth and Organica.

As a group, Higher School students are dedicated to healing both Earth and Organica simultaneously by developing their innate powers of love, kindness, wisdom and the knowledge that all of life is connected.