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Who is Venus?

Venus is a shapeshifter who will look different in every book. Venus is all kids and all kids are Venus .

Because the books will be set in a fantasy world, the characters are not constrained by “human races” and as such Venus and her shapeshifting mermaid friends can be any and every color. All mermaids are “full spectrum beings” and are not defined by any OUTER features like size, shape, physical ability, hair, or skin-tone. All mermaids know that what really matters are your INNER qualities .

This storytelling innovation enables ALL children to connect with the protagonist, and also creates an imprint for kids about the ultimate nature of reality and a fluid understanding of “self.” Why a female heroine? .

The problems that Venus and her friends overcome in the books are universal issues faced by ALL kids, regardless of gender.

However, we need more female characters to promote a balance in representation of girls and boys in creative media. In the top 100 movies in 2017 for example, females comprised only 24% of the protagonists .

This series will be written with a female-dominant perspective, simply to show kids how utterly normal it is that girls (and non-binary/trans/fluid people) can do everything boys can do. The more well-rounded heroines (and heroes) kids can read about and relate with, the more likely they will be able to grow heroic qualities in themselves.